What is a Vacuum and Mop Combo & How Does it Work?

Cleaning your home can be a difficult task given the amount of work that needs to be done. If your home has a lot of spills and dust, you will need to vacuum first, then mop. When done separately, both tasks can be exhausting, but having a VacMop will come in handy.

A VacMop is a vacuum and combination of a mop and vacuum, meaning that it is a vacuum cleaner that cuts your cleaning time in half.Therefore, having this type of machine as a cleaning tool makes your work easier as the two tasks of vacuuming and mopping will be carried out simultaneously.

However, before you begin using this unit, you should understand what a vacuum and mop combo is and how it works. This article provides you with a deeper insight into the subject matter. Continue reading to learn more, and we hope that the article will be an eye-opener for you.

In this post we will cover:

  1. What is a Vacuum and Mop Combo
  2. How Does It Work?
  3. Why are vacuum and mop combos worth it?
  4. Can vacuum and mop combos kill germs?
  5. How long will my vacuum and mop combo last?

What is a Vacuum and Mop Combo & How Does it Work?

What Is a Vacuum and Mop Combo?

A vacuum and mop combo is a machine that can vacuum and mop at the same time. It is a machine that cleans hard floors using moisture while also sucking in debris and dirt. The machine is suitable for solid surfaces such as hardwood and laminate floors.

With some models, reassembling may be required, depending on what you want to use the vacuum for. The machine only requires water, and there is no need to use expensive or harsh chemicals.

In the combo, the vacuum is located in front of the mop, and it sucks up all the dust in its path before the mop hits the floor. In the case of large buildings or working spaces, the VacMop reduces the number of hours spent on cleaning.

Vacuum and mop combos can be found in two categories. The first is an upright vacuum and mop combo, which looks like a regular vacuum but also has a mop feature. The upright model can be cordless and is convenient for accessing tight corners, but the battery life can be limited.

There are also corded models which require the use of a plug that limits the movement of the machines.

The advantages of the upright vacuum and mop combos include the option of corded and cordless models, they are easy to use, and work on multiple floors types. The disadvantages are that the cordless models have short battery life and the tanks for water and dirt can be small.

The second category is robot vacuum and mop combos, which are in the shape of small discs. The vacuums can be either a single purpose or for a hybrid purpose. The hybrid robot VacMop is able to vacuum and mop at the same time since it has mopping capabilities.

The robot vacuums run by themselves and are therefore less labor-intensive. They can be controlled via apps on your phone using WIFI features, and are rechargeable. The machines are super advanced and if you fancy smart products, then this will make your cleaning easier.

The pros of the robot vacuum and mop combos include the machines’ ability to scan your home and create a virtual map, time-saving, accessing tight corners and under furniture, they can be controlled using an app or your voice, long battery life, and can dock and charge by themselves.

The cons are that they may work on some floor types better than others, they lack steaming options for killing bacteria, pets may be scared of them, and they are expensive.

How Does It Work?

Upright VacMop: an upright VacMop combo work just like the traditional upright vacuum model. All that is required is to control the machine by hand. The vacuum consists of a large tank that can suck up a lot of sticky and messy substances in your home.

The unit works by sucking dirt on your floor and then it dispenses water to enable the mop to do the mopping of your floor. The machine allows you to walk on your floor as soon as you are done cleaning.

Robot VacMops: a robot VacMop combo operates using spinning brushes as it works within its designated boundary. The machine can treat and clean hard floors when it touches them.

At the same time, it uses its motor to suck up dust, debris, and anything else that accumulates on the floor. The robotic combo has wheels that allow it to go under furniture without any hassle. However, if your floor is wet, the robot may slide around it.

The machine learns your home and creates a map that it will follow when vacuuming and mopping. It is fully automated and moves around your house on its own. It will give you more time to do other chores and even relax.


Cleaning is an essential task in any household, and the cleaning tool to be used is equally important. An ordinary vacuum cleaner may leave dirt behind and even make your floors dry. However, a VacMop combo will vacuum and mop, leaving your floors spotless.

The vacuum and mop combo is great for hard floors and cuts your cleaning time by half. If you have a robotic model, then there is nothing to do since the machine will move around your home, doing the cleaning on its own.

There are two categories of VacMops, which are robotic and upright. The two models are great at cleaning, and whether you choose a robotic or an upright one depends on your cleaning needs, taste, and preferences.


Why are vacuum and mop combos worth it?

Time savers: with a standard mop and vacuum cleaner, you will keep moving from one device to another until your cleaning is done. However, a VacMop combo will suck up all large debris and grout and then the mop will sanitize your surface.

If you do not have a tool that combines both mopping and vacuuming, it will take much more time, but with the combo, the cleaning can be done in a short time.

Versatility: VacMops are versatile because they not only vacuum and mop, but they also come with various cleaning modes for different surfaces such as carpet, bare, and laminate floors.

The vacuums have unique features that give impeccable results on various types of flooring. A vacuum that can also mop can be used on all types of surfaces that require vacuum cleaning.

Affordability: if you are using a standard mop and vacuum, you will have to invest in two different cleaning devices, meaning the cost will be higher. However, investing in a vacuum and mop combo will be cheaper compared to buying a vacuum and mop separately.

Air quality: most VacMops have HEPA filters that can capture and trap allergens, dirt, and bacteria inside the vacuum. The benefit is that it enables you to enjoy a healthier environment and a cleaner air quality in your home.

Better cleaning results: most vacuum and mop combos will provide you with better cleaning results since they have a multilevel system of filtration which assists in capturing small and large debris when vacuuming.

The machine uses steam to clean and there will be no streaks left on the floor. The hot vapor helps kill bedbugs, dust mites, and fleas together with their larvae and eggs. The result is a hygienic home that is free of disease-causing pests.

Can vacuum and mop combos kill germs?

There are different models of vacuum and mop combos, and depending on the features a model possesses, it may or may not be able to kill germs. Therefore, not all VacMops can kill germs because a majority of these units only have a wet mop and vacuum feature.

While many of the machines utilize quality cleaning solutions, you are not guaranteed of a space that is entirely free of germs with these vacuums. However, some of the combo machines consist of a steam feature that can kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs.

Even though the VacMops have HEPA filters that can trap germs, the HEPA filters cannot completely disinfect your house. However, the machines with steam features do complete disinfection of your floors, killing the bacteria and germs there.

How long will my vacuum and mop combo last?

The average lifespan of any vacuum cleaner is eight years, but the durability also depends on the usage of the machine and the brand that has manufactured it. If your vacuum and mop combo is frequently used, the lifespan shortens due to the demand of using the vacuum.

A person living in a one-bedroom apartment has different cleaning needs than one living in a five-bedroom mansion with other five people and pets. The maintenance of your combo machine will also affect how long it lasts.

Use your machine with care on only the recommended surfaces. Do not be physically rough on the unit as you use it. Clean the machine after every use and if there is a self-cleaning mode available, utilize it.

What is a Vacuum and Mop Combo & How Does it Work