Best HEPA Filter Vacuum For Mold & Allergies [Review & Buying Guide]

A HEPA filter vacuum for mold and allergies is the best when it comes to eliminating stubborn mold, allergens, dirt, and dust. A HEPA filter vacuum is a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate air filter, commonly known as a HEPA filter.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum For Mold & Allergies

A HEPA filter vacuum cleaner is the ideal machine for getting rid of mold and preventing allergies in your home. The vacuum traps 99 percent of particles of dirt even down to microns of 0.3.

If your home has mold, dust, allergens, and allergy-causing air, then this is the best vacuum. We hope that our top pick will be of interest to you.

4 Best HEPA Filter Vacuums for Mold & Allergies Comparison Table

VacuumVacuum TypePower SourceFiltrationSurface
1. Dyson Ball Multi Floor OriginUpright Vacuum cleanerCorded electricHEPA filtration systemHard floor, Carpet, Dual action.
2. BISSELL MultiClean 2999Upright Vacuum cleanerCorded electricHEPA filtration systemMulti-surface cleaning.
3. Shark NV356E S2 NavigatorRobot Vacuum cleanerBattery poweredHEPA filtration systemCarpet and all floor types.
4. Kenmore Intuition BU4022Upright Vacuum cleanerCorded electricHEPA filtration systemHard floors and carpet.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum for Mold & Allergies [Review & Buying Guide]

1. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin (TOP PICK)

The upright HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies is one of Dysons’ top models when it comes to vacuum cleaners.

This particular vacuum is quite popular because of the great features that it has such as ball technology for simple steering.

The Dyson ball multi floor origin vacuum has a high-reach wand that is capable of capturing dirt from surfaces that are out of sight.

The ball design of the unit makes the vacuum easy to maneuver when cleaning with it.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has a HEPA filter that offers high performance since it provides whole machine HEPA filtration and expels clean air.

The HEPA filter is washable and reusable, meaning that you do not have to dispose of the filter after using it once.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner has radial root technology that captures microscopic dust and dirt. The unit has a cleaner head that adjusts itself and seals in suction across different surfaces such as hard floors and carpets.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has a brush bar with shorter bristles which are also stiffer to allow for deeper carpet penetration. The brush also performs excellently on floors.

The bin is emptied hygienically by pressing a button without getting your hands dirty.

The machine comes with accessories for all floors, pets, delicate surfaces, and surfaces that are hard to reach, such as a high-reach wand. Others include a stair tool, a combination tool, and a lifetime HEPA filter that is washable.

Product Information

  • Brand: Dyson.
  • Style: Upright.
  • Surface: Hard floor, Carpet, Dual action.
  • Source of power: Corded electric.
  • Color: Fuscia/silver.
  • Weight: 17.37 pounds.


  • A cleaner head that self-adjusts to move smoothly between various surfaces.
  • Filtration throughout the machine that traps bacteria and allergens.
  • Multi-surface cleaning.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Hygienic bin emptying.


  • The vacuum’s price is a little high.


2. BISSELL 2999 MultiClean (Best HEPA Filter Vacuum for Households with Pets)

The Bissell MultiClean is an upright HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies.

It is a great unit for households with pets because the machine is excellent at getting rid of pet hair and textured crumbs from various surfaces.

The Bissell vacuum has a great HEPA filtration system that keeps fine dust and odor inside the vacuum cleaner.

The machine’s suction is quite decent because it enables you to vacuum floor mats without them being sucked into the vacuum’s rollers.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has a powerful cleaning performance that effectively gets rid of pet hair and debris from multiple surfaces.

Pet hair spools around the edges of the machine’s tank instead of being caught in the filter.

That means that the dirt will not get into your hands or face when emptying it from the bin. The dirt is emptied with one touch of a button which is also hygienic.

The machine has a swivel steering and the swivel ability of the unit helps you to access awkward spaces. The design is lightweight allowing you to clean without any heavy lifting.

The attachments for upholstery works well and it is perfect for mattresses and pillows.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies is packed with pet cleaning features that are very powerful, such as a tangle-free brush roll.

It also comes with pet tools that can be directly stored in the vacuum to make cleaning with the tools convenient.

Product Information

  • Brand: Bissell.
  • Style: MultiClean.
  • Surface: Multi-surface cleaning.
  • Source of power: Corded electric.
  • Color: 2999.
  • Weight: 17.11 pounds.


  • A good sealed filtration system that keeps dirt and odor inside.
  • A swivel steering that accesses awkward spaces.
  • Multi-surface cleaning.
  • HEPA filter and brush.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Powerful pet cleaning features.
  • Maneuverability.


  • The canister and head of the machine are fat, making it difficult to vacuum under beds of standard heights.


3. Shark NV356E S2 Navigator (Best Upright HEPA Filter Vacuum for Mold & Allergies)

The Shark NV356E S2 is an upright vacuum cleaner that navigates around objects and furniture quickly to remove allergens, mold, and dust.

The vacuum captures 99 percent of allergens, mold, and dust, leaving your home’s air clean.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has an anti-allergen complete seal technology and a HEPA filter.

The filter enables it to capture 99 percent of allergens and dust, trapping them inside the vacuum cleaner.

The machine has dependable power for whole-home cleaning since it can deep clean carpets, tackle above-floor messes, and clean hard floors. It provides powerful cleaning of your entire house from top to bottom.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies is powerful, portable, lightweight, and versatile. The vacuum is easy to hold and deeply cleans floors and carpets with it. The upright mode will give your hard floors and carpet a powerful clean.

The vacuum has lightweight maneuverability since its advanced swivel steering provides you with excellent control when maneuvering around obstacles in your home.

For a lightweight cleaning of the stairs, detach the pod of the vacuum so that you do not have to lift the whole vacuum up the stairs. You can also lift the pod away and detach the vacuum’s cleaner head to make your above floor cleaning easier.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies consists of three cleaning modes and two different settings to choose from depending on the type of flooring you plan to clean.

The first setting is for bare floors like hardwood, while the second is for carpet flooring and area rugs.

The vacuum has a dust capacity of 2.2 quarts and it comes with attachments such as a crevice tool and pet power brush.

Product Information

  • Brand: Shark.
  • Style: NV356E S2.
  • Surface: Carpet and hard floors.
  • Source of power: corded electric.
  • Color: white and silver.
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds.


  • The vacuum has a completely sealed HEPA system.
  • A lift-away detachable pod.
  • Lightweight maneuverability.
  • Swivel steering for excellent control.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Versatility.


  • A hard floor hero attachment is not included.
  • The dust canister fills quickly.


4. Kenmore Intuition BU4022 (Best HEPA Filter Vacuum with no-touch Bag Technology)

The Kenmore vacuum cleaner makes it easier for you to clean and dispose of the dirt and dust collected in the dirtbag.

The vacuum consists of no-touch HEPA technology, meaning that you only have to press a button to release the debris into a trash can without touching it.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has a power flow bag chamber that is engineered to enable strong suction as the dirtbag fills up.

That means that the cleaning power of the machine remains excellent until the dirtbag needs to be emptied.

The double-wall design of the machine enables air to continue flowing so that the vacuum’s powerful suction is able to be maintained as the dirtbag gets filled up. That is known as power flow technology.

The vacuum’s lift-up technology provides you with versatile handheld freedom to clean stairs and perform above-floor cleaning. You can clean areas that are hard to reach by simply pressing a button to lift away from the floor nozzle.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies is lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds. It is also maneuverable because it has a swiveling steering, which makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles.

The machine’s height can be adjusted for optimum airflow.

The unit has a pet-friendly design which is an effective quick tool that picks up pet hair and cleans stairs. The bag full indicator enables you to know when to replace the dirtbag.

The Kenmore vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-grade HEPA filtration system and a sealed system for excellent filtration. It captures 99.97% of the dirt in the vacuum. It also has LED lights for illuminating dark spots and a five-year warranty.

Product Information

  • Brand: Kenmore.
  • Form factor: Upright and handheld.
  • Surface: Carpet and hard floors.
  • Source of power: Corded electric.
  • Color: Green.
  • Weight: 14 pounds.


  • Lift up technology.
  • No-touch bag technology.
  • Power flow technology.
  • Bag full indicator.
  • Pet-friendly design.
  • Versatile cleaning.
  • Swivel steering for maneuverability.


  • The steering is stiff on carpet medium to low pile carpet.


5. Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister (Best Canister HEPA Filter Vacuum for Mold & Allergies)

Miele vacuum cleaners have a reputation for being durable and providing a fantastic performance.

The Miele Complete C3 Marin is a high-end model that is also quite popular.

It is a canister vacuum that is perfect for individuals with allergies and for clearing mold.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has a parquet twister with a rotation of 180 degrees for agile and gentle care of smooth surfaces.

The vacuum has an automatic self-adjusting setting which automatically increases or decreases suction as you transition to different surfaces.

The suction increases when you transition to solid and smooth flooring, and it decreases when you move to carpet and hardwood, which saves you energy and time.

The vacuum’s telescopic stainless steel wand helps it to obtain a 36-foot operating radius.

The HEPA filter vacuum has an AirClean system of filtration that utilizes a HEPA filter while retaining 99 percent of the dirt particles collected.

The sealed air system is vital for cleaning your home since it prevents dirt particles from being leaked back into the air.

When it comes to performance, the canister vacuum is versatile because it can be used on all floor types. The vacuum boasts a variable motor speed with six different settings.

The machine produces low noise and has a cleaning radius of 36 feet.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies features an electro comfort electrobrush meant to clean low to medium pile carpeting, smooth flooring, and rugs. The electrobrush is a carpet tool that is electrically driven.

It has a floating head and a swivel neck for easy maneuverability. The vacuum has a premium power brush for high pile carpet cleaning.

It also has three integrated onboard accessories, which are an upholstery tool, a dusting brush, and a crevice nozzle.

Product Information

  • Brand: Miele.
  • Style: Canister.
  • Surface: Carpet and hard floors.
  • Source of power: corded electric.
  • Color: Marin blue.
  • Weight: 19.4 pounds.


  • The vacuum has an AirClean sealed system of filtration.
  • It has six-speed settings which are controlled via the footswitch.
  • An automatic self-adjusting system that changes as you transition to different surfaces.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Versatility.


  • The vacuum cleaner is quite pricey.


6. HONITURE Q6 (Best Self-Emptying HEPA Filter Vacuum for Mold & Allergies)

The HONITURE Q6 is a two-in-one robot vacuum and mop that empties itself.

The device literally vacuums on its own and will self-empty after the cleaning is done which is great news for those with allergies as there is no contact with the dirt while emptying.

The HEPA Filter Vacuum for mold & allergies has a powerful suction of 2700 pa and a great performance.

It has a 5200mAh lithium battery that can operate between 150 to 280 minutes depending on the set mode and material being cleaned.

When the battery is low, the device recharges by itself and then resumes cleaning. The vacuum has a HEPA filtration system, double side brushes, and a high-torsion spindle brush, which are features that enable the device to effectively extract, loosen, and clean dirt and debris.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has been equipped with a 2.8L self-emptying base which enables it to automatically empty the dirt collected from your house once the cleaning is done. The device will remind you when the dirtbag is full.

The robot vacuum is guided by a smart app control which enables it to give your home a superior clean.

The machine scans your home, chooses the most effective path, and creates an accurate layout of your home in real-time using the high-precision laser navigation system.

The first time that the machine maps your home, it will scan a room without having to go around it. It can even map out the bedroom while in the living room.

The vacuum follows the generated map to clean your home in a zigzag pattern which makes its navigation more efficient.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies can be scheduled to clean a specific room or the whole house while you are away, and when you return, the house will be clean.

The vacuum uses voice commands and you can instruct it to start or stop cleaning using Alexa or Google Assistant.

The two-in-one vacuum and mop robot has an external water tank that enables it to mop and vacuum simultaneously.

The device has four cleaning modes, which are spot, selective, automatic, and edge cleaning. The machine is also extremely quiet at 65dB.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has a self-protection mechanism through 29 sensors. It has anti-drop sensors that prevent it from falling and a slim body that enables it to move freely under furniture.

Product Information

  • Brand: HONITURE.
  • Style: Robot.
  • Surface: Carpet and all floor types.
  • Source of power: battery powered.
  • Color: Black.
  • Weight: 21.8 pounds.


  • The device mops and vacuums at the same time.
  • It has intelligent routing and mapping.
  • It has a self-emptying base that enables it to empty itself.
  • Four cleaning modes for different surfaces.


  • The water tank capacity of the vacuum is 110ml which is for basic washing needs only.


7. Shark APEX AZ1002 (Best HEPA Filter Vacuum For Mold & Allergies with Extended Reach)

The Shark Apex is an upright vacuum cleaner that works perfectly for deep cleaning your floors and carpets.

It has a HEPA filter which is responsible for dust removal.

The vacuum provides the ultimate cleaning experience since it has a dust cup capacity of 1.5, which is large enough.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies deep cleans itself with a self-cleaning brush roll that removes hair.

The canister of the vacuum detaches, extending the reach of the cleaner head. The HEPA unit with DuoClean is a powerhouse.

The pod of the vacuum can be lifted away to allow for above-the-floor cleaning or motorized cleaning under furniture. The machine’s motorized cleaner head and extended reach provide you with powerful carpet and floor cleaning.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies has DuoClean technology, meaning that its brushroll system is dual, which directly engages your floors to give them a polished look, and it also deep cleans your carpets.

The vacuum’s filtration system uses a complete seal anti-allergen technology which has a HEPA filter that traps allergen and dust inside. Therefore, whatever goes in does not leak back into the air.

The machine has noise reduction technology which has been expertly tuned to soften pitch and reduce noise. It also has an active glide technology which enables the vacuum to smoothly maneuver on carpets and hard floors while maintaining its powerful suction.

The HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies consists of LED headlights for spotting hidden dirt and debris. Its fingertip controls allow an easy switch from carpet mode to hard floors and vice versa.

The machine comes with a pet power brush, an upholstery tool, and a crevice tool.

Product Information

  • Brand: Shark.
  • Form factor: Upright.
  • Surface: Carpet, furniture, hard floors, and upholstery.
  • Source of power: Corded electric.
  • Weight: 16 pounds.


  • DuoClean technology that tackles all sizes of messes.
  • Complete seal anti-allergen technology.
  • Multi-surface cleaning.
  • Active glide technology for smooth maneuverability.
  • Powerful suction on all floor types.
  • Noise reduction technology.


  • The vacuum is on the expensive side of the price tag.


Final Verdict

The best HEPA filter vacuum for mold & allergies should have a design that makes it easy to maneuver when using it. It should have an extended reach for cleaning above-floor surfaces and out-of-sight places such as under furniture.

The vacuum should provide high performance on various surfaces, picking up even the tiniest particles. It should have a good filtration system that gives you clean air in your home environment.

The unit should be accompanied by several attachments and accessories that help diversify its cleaning. The process of emptying the bin should be hygienic and hands-free.

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor



The best HEPA filter vacuum for mold and allergies is the Dyson Ball Multi-Floor Origin. The vacuum has ball technology for simple steering, making maneuverability easy. The cleaner head of the unit adjusts itself, sealing in suction across different surfaces.

The Dyson ball multi floor origin vacuum has a high-reach wand for extended reach. The machine’s radial root technology captures microscopic dust and dirt. It has a HEPA filter that provides whole machine HEPA filtration and expels clean air.

The brush bar performs excellently on floors and carpets. The bin is emptied hygienically by pressing a button without getting your hands dirty.

The machine comes with various accessories, such as a stair tool and a combination tool, to help diversify your cleaning.


What to look for in a HEPA filter vacuum for mold and allergies?

Filters: since you are looking to purchase a HEPA vacuum cleaner, make sure that the filter it has is a HEPA filter if your priority is the reduction of mold and allergies.

The filter can trap large numbers of tiny particles, minimizing allergens and dirt from the environment.

Noise: nobody wants a loud vacuum cleaner and noise is something that you should consider when looking for a HEPA vacuum.

Ensure that the one you have selected has noise reduction technology with a lower noise level. The best should be no louder than a microwave.

Blowback prevention: the canister of the vacuum should be sealed to prevent any leakage that would release dirt particles back into the air.

If not, the purpose of vacuuming will be defeated if the collected dirt particles are released back into the environment while vacuuming.

If you experience blowback, just clean the machine and its filters to get rid of any clogging that may be responsible for the blowback.

Weight: the weight of the vacuum you select should be comfortable, meaning one ranging between 5 to 13 pounds, since it will be easier to use and move around.

Power and suction: the HEPA vacuum should be powerful, meaning that its suction is effective on all the dirt, debris, and dust you want to get rid of.

That will eliminate the need to pass the vacuum over a surface multiple times to get the best clean.

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner dictates its capability to remove particles from the environment. Vacuums with high suction power perform well.

Smart capabilities: if you can get a HEPA vacuum with smart capabilities, the better since such a device will benefit you. You will be able to connect it to your phone, use voice commands, and schedule it to clean even when you are away.

A bagged vacuum cleaner: when it comes to dealing with mold and allergies, a bagged HEPA vacuum cleaner is the best. The best ones have bags that seal themselves to prevent allergens from escaping when being emptied.

Is a HEPA filter necessary in a vacuum cleaner?

A HEPA filter is necessary for a vacuum cleaner because it captures particulates that may not be trapped by a vacuum without a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter provides cleaner air, which is a relief for those suffering from asthma and allergies.

A HEPA filter traps most pathogens, bacteria, microbial spores, some virus particles, and construction dust, among other things. For the filter to work effectively, it should be made of a pleated semi-rigid material that is held in a frame.

An airtight gasket should hold the frame tightly in place. The gasket will prevent air laden with allergies from passing through the filter. Even though a HEPA filter is not a magic bullet, carefully vacuuming with it will capture some of the smallest contaminants that you live with.

Can a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner remove mold?

The presence of mold in your home can cause health issues for you or some of your family members. You can clean up the mold with a vacuum cleaner, and not just any type of vacuum, but one equipped with HEPA filters.

Standard wet and dry vacuums together with regular household vacuums will not be effective in eliminating mold because they do not have the right filters which can trap mold properly.

The usage of such vacuums to clean mold can actually spread it throughout your home.

However, HEPA filter vacuums are great at trapping spore bodies and preventing them from spreading to other areas of your home.

If the mold problem is relatively small, then you can tackle it on your own, but if it covers more than 10 square feet, you should consult professionals.

Best HEPA Filter Vacuum For Mold & Allergies