How do I Stop my Bagless Vacuum from Smelling?

A bagless vacuum is a cleaner that does not have a dirtbag to collect dirt and dust, as is common with other vacuums. Instead of using a bag, a bagless vacuum utilizes a dust cup or chamber to collect and store dirt and dust.

There are times when a bagless vacuum can emit a foul odor for a variety of reasons. The smell occurs over time as you continue using the vacuum cleaner. The smell may feel like that of vomit, feet, or dog.

How do I Stop my Bagless Vacuum from Smelling

However, that is something you can easily handle from the comfort of your home. This article will provide you with insight into why a bagless vacuum smells bad and how to stop the smell from occurring. Continue reading for more information.

In this post we will cover:

  1. What Causes a Bagless Vacuum to Smell?
  2. How do I Stop my Bagless Vacuum from Smelling?
  3. How to make my bagless vacuum smell better
  4. What are the pros and cons of a bagless vacuum?
  5. Why do bagless vacuums lose suction?

What Causes a Bagless Vacuum to Smell?

A bagless vacuum cleaner can smell if there is no regular cleaning of the filters and emptying of the dust canister. It is critical to determine the source of the odor, which can include the following:

Dirty and clogged filters: When your unit is running, the filters prevent dust, dirt, and debris from escaping back into the vacuumed area. It ensures that the machine does not become a health risk.

Due to this, filters trap a lot of dust and dirt that accumulates and cause them to clog over time. If you do not unclog the filters, the suction power of your machine will be reduced and it will release a bad smell every time you use it.

Pet hair: If you have pets, their hair and dander can cause your bagless vacuum to stink after sucking them up because their odor is created inside your unit. Pet urine stuck to pet hair vacuumed by your machine can also contribute to the foul odor.

Clogged beater brush: The brush is located at the vacuum’s bottom and it is the one that gives your carpet that fluffy look after vacuuming it. The beater brush has to dig into the carpet fibers to fluff them and debris and dirt may pile up in the brush, preventing it from rotating.

The debris piled up in the brush will cause a bad smell to be released from your vacuum when the unit is running.

Dust and debris: Whenever you vacuum dust, it comes with other debris, such as food particles, which can cause your bagless vacuum to stink. It is possible that the vacuum cleaner will emit a foul odor if the mixture of dust and debris accumulates inside of it over time.

Overstayed dirt in the canister: A bagless vacuum should have its canister emptied when it is 75 percent full. Therefore, do not allow the canister to be filled beyond the maximum level because it will start to stink due to the overstayed dirt.

A filled canister will cause some debris or dirt to be released back into the air if the dirt chamber is too full, becoming a health hazard.

How do I Stop my Bagless Vacuum from Smelling?

What to do when my bagless vacuum smells bad

When your bagless vacuum cleaner smells bad there are a few things that you can do to get rid of the smell. They include the following:

Change or clean the filters: If your bagless vacuum has washable filters, remove them and gently wash them with plain water and allow them to dry for 24 hours.

If the filter of your bagless vacuum is not washable, you can gently blow it out with an air compressor or leaf blower.

Even if the filter appears to be clean, it is always clogged with dust. You should also change the filters every three to twelve months because the filters wear out over time and will not filter dirt and debris properly, causing a bad smell.

However, if you have pets or your vacuum is subjected to heavy use, you have to replace the filter every six months.

Unclogging the beater brush: If you notice that the brush is clogged and does not rotate properly, unclog it to remove things stuck there, such as pet hair, using a seam ripper.

After removing the debris, gently wash the brush in warm water that has baking soda.

Baking soda absorbs moisture while trapping dirt and odors. Therefore, the natural product will remove all bad smells from the beater brush, leaving it with a fresh smell.

Cleaning the machine’s canister: Always empty the canister as often as possible, and once it is emptied, gently clean it in a mixture of water and baking soda, making sure that all corners have been reached.

After washing, thoroughly rinse the container with plain water and then use a dry cloth to wipe it. Give the canister time to dry before reassembling it.

Maintenance: The maintenance of a bagless vacuum is essential regardless of the method that you apply to prevent it from smelling.

You have to clean the entire unit once in a while to ensure the machine works effectively and does not have any bad smells.

The maintenance together with cleaning should be done twice a year and if you have pets, then the cleaning has to be done six times annually.

How to make my bagless vacuum smell better

If you want a nice and fresh scent to emanate from your bagless vacuum, make use of natural products such as essential oils and baking soda.

Essential oils: Eucalyptus, mint, lemon, strawberry, vanilla, and orange are just a few of the essential oil scents available. You can choose your favorite one to keep your house smelling fresh after you have vacuumed.

Put six drops of your chosen essential oil on a paper towel or cloth and then place it in the filter cavity of your bagless vacuum. When you vacuum, the fresh scent will be released all over your home.

Alternatively, when you are vacuuming you can sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on the filter of your vacuum to cover unwanted smells.

A citrus peel: Use orange or lemon peel to make your bagless vacuum smell better by placing it in the filter cavity. The orange or lemon peel will create a citrus aroma in the vacuum, replacing unpleasant odors.

This is the most eco-friendly and cost-efficient way of neutralizing bad smells from your vacuum.

Air freshener: this is a simple yet effective way of preventing your bagless vacuum from releasing bad smells whenever it is used.

You can apply the usage of granules such as Vac-Yum granules, which are not powdery, do not break down, and will not destroy your vacuum.

Pour the granules on the floor and vacuum them in the vacuum and they will get into the vacuum’s chamber or canister. The granules are scented and will act as an air freshener whenever you vacuum.

Perfume pads: Perfume pads are common globally and exist in a variety of sizes and aromas. Inspect the accessibility and size of your vacuum filter before choosing a perfume pad.

Insert the pad into the filter of your vacuum and it will release its aroma when you vacuum.


It is possible for your bagless vacuum cleaner to smell bad if there is too much dirt left in the canister, the filter is clogged, or the beater brush is clogged, among other things.

To get rid of the bad smell, you will need to empty the canister and clean it on a regular basis, change or clean the filters, and unclog the beater brush, which are easy things to do.

You can also improve the smell of your bagless vacuum by deodorizing it with vacuum granules or essential oils. This will ensure that a fresh scent will emanate from your unit every time you use it.

Find out what is causing the odor and take steps to eliminate it as soon as possible.


What are the pros and cons of a bagless vacuum?

The pros: A bagless vacuum cleaner is an eco-friendly unit because there is no need to throw away any unnecessary elements. It is convenient, has a high cleaning speed, and is durable. The vacuum is easy to clean and does not release dirt back into the air.

The vacuum is versatile and efficient because there is no need to purchase replacement dirt bags. The dust chamber is clear, allowing you to know when it needs to be emptied.

The effectiveness of the vacuum can also be checked from the chamber, allowing you to clear it on time. The vacuum is environmentally friendly because there are no extra bags to be used and thrown away.

The cons: The dust collectors get clogged more frequently. There are high chances of getting exposed to allergens when you clear the dust chamber. The bagless vacuum gets dirtier because of the way it functions, requiring more maintenance to operate properly.

Why do bagless vacuums lose suction?

The most common cause of suction loss in a vacuum is clogged filters. When the filters are clogged, they may require cleaning if they are washable or replacement when they no longer function properly.

In a bagless vacuum, the dust canister also requires regular cleaning to maintain the vacuum’s suction power. The dust canister usually has a filter that can collect dirt that builds up on it over time.

The most common areas in a bagless vacuum that may result in suction loss include the hose, clogged rollers, or a broken belt. You have to unclog the hose using a broomstick to remove obstructions in it.

Unclog the rollers by removing any hair or string-like objects attached to them using a pair of scissors. You will also have to replace the broken belt to return the suction of the vacuum to its usual level.

How do I Stop my Bagless Vacuum from Smelling