How Should I Clean with and Maintain a Vacuum and Mop Combo?

A vacuum and mop combo is the best cleaning tool when you want to cut the amount of time you take to do your cleaning. The machine vacuums and mops at the same time, meaning you will spend less time cleaning.

However, there is a proper way to clean with a vacuum and mop combo because even though it is a vacuum cleaner, the mop feature makes it different from regular vacuum cleaners without the mop feature.

Also, there is a proper way of maintaining the VacMop combo to keep it in good working condition. The different techniques of maintenance applied are what keep the machine in proper working order for a long time.

In this post we will cover:

  1. Do vacuum and mop combos really work?
  2. How do I choose the right vacuum and mop combo?
  3. Floor types for vacuum and mop combos
  4. Should you vacuum or mop first with a vacuum and mop combo?

How Should I Clean with and Maintain a Vacuum and Mop Combo?

Cleaning: Some of the top tips for correctly using a vacuum and mop combo include removing large debris from your floor before using the machine for regular vacuuming.

Before you mop, vacuum first to avoid moving dirt around your floor surface. However, since the vacuum and mop combo cleans by vacuuming and mopping at the same time, go in straight parallel lines to avoid mopping the places that you have not yet vacuumed.

Ensure that the filters are regularly cleaned according to the advice of the manufacturer to keep them in good working condition. Keep fresh water in your mop tank at all times to keep your floors as clean as possible.

Avoid using your VacMop combo on floors that are not designed to be cleaned by a vacuum and mop combo. For instance, avoid using the VacMop on hardwood, and check for suitability before using it on the carpet.

Maintenance: Since the machine has electrical connections such as electrical wiring that could present a risk to the user, you should carefully inspect the parts for damage before use. If there is a damaged part, discontinue using the machine to prevent further damage or risk to the user.

Avoid spraying water on the body of the machine or fully immersing it in water. Instead, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the vacuum and mop combo.

Do not use the VacMop without its disposable pads attached and ensure that they are the disposable pads that have been recommended by the manufacturer.

No objects should be placed in the machine’s base, which means that no openings should be blocked. Keep the openings free of lint, dust, hair, and anything that may affect the machine’s airflow.

If there is a restriction in the base airflow of the machine and the air bade or path is blocked, turn the machine off and remove all of the obstructions before turning the unit on again.

Do not use the vacuum and mop combo to pick up combustible or flammable materials, large quantities of dust, burning or smoking objects, or toxic materials.

Also, avoid using the machine in outdoor areas, poorly lit areas, or enclosed spaces that may have toxic fumes, vapors, or explosives.


A vacuum and mop combo is an essential cleaning tool for those who want to halve their cleaning time. The machine essentially carries out two tasks of cleaning at the same time. However, the unit also needs some tender loving care.

As much as the VacMop is deemed as a cleaning tool, it too needs to be cleaned and maintained in a proper way to enhance its durability. There are many aspects and various ways of maintaining a vacuum and mop combo.

We have provided the essential maintenance tips above to help you take care of your vacuum and mop combo in the best way. Just follow them and you will keep your machine in the best working condition for longer.


Do vacuum and mop combos really work?

A vacuum and mop combo make cleaning a breeze, especially for hard floors because they can quickly pick up pet dander, dust, and dirt while mopping the surfaces in your home.

There are various top-quality vacuum and mop combos, but the significant difference between them is the presence or absence of a cord.

A cordless vacuum and mop combo provide you with a lot of freedom to move around your home as you clean. However, if you are cleaning a large space, you may need to pause and recharge it in the middle of your cleaning.

A corded machine, on the other hand, does not have any power restrictions, but you will not have as much freedom to move around as you would with a cordless device. However, the power reliability makes the unit quite powerful.

While all vacuum and mop combos vacuum and mop at the same time, some work better on different surfaces. For instance, there are some that work best on carpets while others work better on hardwood floors. Other vacuum and mop a combination of surfaces simultaneously.

How do I choose the right vacuum and mop combo?

When it comes to investing in a vacuum and mop combo, there are several things to consider, and they include the following:

Vacuum type: there are various vacuum and mop combos on the market to choose from. If you value efficiency and mobility, then handheld, cordless, and robotic models are the best options for you.

The cordless versions eliminate cord limitations, the robotic ones are automated, and the handheld ones can access small spaces.

Tank capacity: the amount of cleaning solution and water that the tank of the VacMop can hold will determine the cleaning time that you have before refilling. Less effort and time will be spent refilling the tank if your VacMop has a bigger tank.

Supported surfaces: look for a vacuum and mop combo that can handle hard floors and area rugs, as it will allow you to clean various flooring areas without switching between cleaning devices.

However, if your aim is to deal with a particular type of surface, look for a machine designed to specifically clean that surface.

Filtration: cleaning involves more than picking up dirt and making the floors shine because filtration is also essential. The best VacMop should have a system of filtration that gets rid of harmful particles from your home environment.

Look for a filtration system that includes a HEPA filter to collect fine particles like pollen, dust, and mold and return dust-and allergen-free air back into the home, especially for households with allergy sufferers.

In addition, look for a vacuum and mop combo that has a technology that separates clean water from dirty water, so that only clean water and cleaning solution cleans the floor.

Maneuverability and weight: a VacMop that is easy to maneuver should have swivel features such as a swivel neck to allow the machine to turn effortlessly when cleaning staircases or corners.

The machine should also be lightweight and compact. Therefore, avoid heavy VacMops and look for a lightweight one that is easy to maneuver.

Suction and cleaning modes: the best VacMop with superior suction power is one that is an all-round cleaning device. The vacuum allows you to go over one area as much as required to achieve the desired result.

What floor types are recommended for vacuum and mop combos

When buying a vacuum and mop combo, the type of flooring that is going to be used is an important factor to consider. That is because different devices will be appropriate for various types of floors.

If you have hard floors, use a robotic vacuum and mop combo since the device performs better on hard floors. However, they do not function effectively on carpets and dark surfaces. Carpets need a robotic VacMop with high suction power.

Meanwhile, handheld and upright models are frequently effective on both carpet and hard floors. Remember to use the vacuum and mop combo on sealed hard floors because floors that are not protected and sealed will be harmed by the VacMop’s hot steam.

Are you supposed to vacuum or mop first with a vacuum and mop combo?

It is best to vacuum before mopping to avoid moving dirt around on your floor. However, in the case of a vacuum and mop combo which vacuums and mops at the same time. Go in straight parallel lines to avoid mopping areas that have not yet been vacuumed.

With a VacMop, there is no need to choose whether to vacuum or mop first since most models of the machines have incredible suction. The vacuum function in a VacMop is located at the front of the machine while the mop feature is at the back.

Therefore, you will technically vacuum first before mopping. As you pass the machine over the floor, it will pick up particles, while the push of a button will release liquid that mops the floor simultaneously.

If you are dealing with surface grime that includes large particles, make a few passes in the vacuum mode first before utilizing the mop feature.

How do robot vacuum and mop combos know when to vacuum or mop?

With robot VacMops, since they are automated machines, you will have to set the cleaning task when you turn it on.

You can choose the setting that you want on the device, whether you want to vacuum, mop, or both.

However, there are some robot vacuum and mop combos that turn off the mopping function automatically when they are on carpets.