How Should You Clean and Maintain Your Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool in any home, and if you have one, a backpack vacuum cleaner is no exception. As a result, it is necessary to properly care for the backpack vacuum by cleaning and maintaining it.

How Should You Clean and Maintain Your Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning and maintaining the machine will extend its life and keep it running at peak performance. However, there is a proper way to clean and maintain a backpack vacuum cleaner.

This article provides you with an in-depth analysis of how to clean and maintain your backpack vacuum cleaner in detail. Continue perusing the article to learn more.

In this post we will cover:

  1. Cleaning and maintenance of a backpack vacuum
  2. Are backpack vacuums good on carpets?
  3. How do you properly wear a backpack vacuum cleaner?
  4. Why do commercial cleaners use backpack vacuum cleaners?

How Should You Clean and Maintain Your Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?

Cleaning & care

It is important to clean your backpack vacuum cleaner and its various parts and accessories to maintain its lifespan and durability. The filters for one should be removed and cleaned after every vacuuming session.

The filters should also be replaced as necessary to prevent clog-ups.

Empty and clean the dust canister or replace the dirtbag regularly. After emptying the dust canister, it is essential to clean it once a month before using it again. To clean use warm soapy water.

Completely disassemble the vacuum every 12 to 18 months to deep clean the various parts. Wash the parts that require washing, such as the filter and outer cloth bag.

Wipe those areas that have to be wiped, such as the undetachable plastic parts of the machine.


There are certain steps that you have to follow that will assist you in maintaining your backpack vacuum cleaner. These include the following:

When using the backpack vacuum cleaner, check the assembly box to make sure that it is properly connected to the extension cord to prevent the vacuum from catching fire or shorting.

Avoid applying too much force on the extension cord while using the vacuum cleaner.

Do not use your vacuum without a paper or bag filter. When the paper bag of the backpack vacuum becomes three-quarters full, throw it away to prevent the motor from overheating. Regularly replace the bag for efficient dirt collection.

If your backpack vacuum model is a bagless one, empty it frequently. Hand wash the outer cloth or filter bag and then give it time to air dry.

To improve the lifespan of a backpack vacuum, change the foaming or HEPA as required. Avoid washing the HEPA dome filter because the washing will damage the filtering properties of the HEPA.

Regularly clean the foam exhauster filter located at the bottom of your backpack vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you hand wash and air dry it.

While removing the backpack vacuum from the plug, pull the plug’s end instead of pulling the body of the cord. Avoid over-stretching the extension cord.


A backpack vacuum cleaner is ideal for dealing with all of the dust, debris, and dirt that accumulates in a commercial setting.

The machine handles so much dirt because it cleans your home or place of business. However, it also collects dirt from the job.

A backpack vacuum cleaner has fewer parts, but each requires a different level and frequency of cleaning. The cleaning will ensure the vacuum’s longevity and proper operation.

Maintenance is also necessary to avoid irreversible damage caused by neglect. Also, make sure your backpack vacuum cleaner is serviced on a regular basis.


Are backpack vacuums good on carpets?

The majority of backpack vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning carpets. The machines come with various accessory attachments, some of which are designed specifically to clean carpets and other carpet-like surfaces.

Generally, backpack vacuum cleaners do not perform well on carpets, especially deep piled ones. That is because they do not have a cleaner head.

However, the attachments that come with the vacuum make carpet cleaning a breeze, especially the ones for cleaning carpets.

The lack of a cleaner head in a backpack vacuum is due to the fact that most of the machines are designed for commercial use also. It is not easy to come across carpets in such a setting, especially deep-piled ones.

However, there are some backpack vacuums that have powered cleaner heads that work excellently on carpeted floors. Therefore, backpack vacuums are good for cleaning carpets.

Why is a backpack vacuum a good choice compared to a normal vacuum?

A backpack vacuum is a good choice compared to regular vacuums for various reasons. First, the backpack vacuum is lightweight and therefore easy to transport up and down the stairs while you are cleaning.

Since the machine is worn on the back, there is no need to carry it up and down the stairs with your hand. The lightweight design is great for those living in small apartments as the vacuum will not take up much storage space.

A backpack vacuum is easy to maneuver, and that makes it suitable for cleaning spaces that a traditional upright vacuum cannot access.

In large and open spaces, a backpack vacuum cleaner also works excellently as it has been engineered to clean large and open spaces.

The long cord of a backpack vacuum provides you with more freedom to move around more efficiently. That is because the need to constantly change sockets has been eliminated. The cord of a backpack cleaner can be as long as 50 feet.

A backpack vacuum cleaner can be used both in commercial and home settings, although there are some that have been engineered strictly for either the industrial setting or the home setting.

In the home, they offer superb flexibility and other unique features.

The machine can carry out any type of cleaning such as vacuuming the car, upholstery, and other cleaning needs in your home that requires vacuuming. The unit is diverse in its cleaning tasks.

How do you properly wear a backpack vacuum cleaner?

1. Begin by sliding your arms through the correct shoulder straps. If you are a right-handed person, grab the harness and pick up the unit with your right hand. This helps you to have better control of the machine when lifting it and also reduces strain.

If you are left-handed, use your left hand to grab the harness and then pull the vacuum over your left shoulder. Then fasten and tighten the waist belt. It should fit just right not too tight.

2. After wearing the machine on your back lift it so that it can be on your hips or slightly above it. Then adjust the straps around your waist.

If you are right-handed, slightly loosen the right shoulder strap to make it looser than the left one and vice versa.

That will free your right arm and vacuuming will be a lot easier to perform. The shoulder straps should be tight but comfortable because if the straps are too loose, the vacuum will slide around your back, causing you discomfort to wear them.

The sternum strap should also be fastened and secured. Some machines have a space between the shoulder and shoulder strap to ensure a comfortable fit.

3. Plugin the machine after pulling one end of the power cord through your waist belt. Pulling the cord through the waist belt will help you to know when the cord runs out without disconnecting the vacuum.

The cord should be connected to a wall outlet.

4. While wearing the backpack vacuum cleaner, avoid bending over because some machines have attachments and tools that have been designed to be worn on a belt for easy access. Therefore, no stooping or bending is necessary.

Why do commercial cleaners use backpack vacuum cleaners?

Greater reach: backpack vacuum cleaners have a reach that is far greater than regular vacuum cleaners because they are worn on the back, and therefore it is easier to reach higher points such as ceilings with them.

The machine can also reach tight spaces such as pantries and closets, eliminating the need to switch to a handheld vacuum version to reach such spaces.

The vacuums are suitable for cleaning office spaces with high waist surfaces such as sinks, countertops, and desks.

The vacuums are healthier: the machines are less likely to cause injuries when in use and perform better at cleaning tasks, getting rid of germs and contamination from surfaces.

Their extended reach enables you to reach more surfaces, creating a healthy environment.

More productivity: a backpack vacuum makes office cleaning more productive because it goes wherever the cleaner goes.

The cord of the unit remains behind the user, making it more efficient than keeping the cord of a canister or upright vacuum out of the way.

More ergonomic: backpack vacuum cleaners are more comfortable to use than other types of vacuum cleaners. Their weight is balanced on the user’s back, and that is great because it reduces injuries.

The ergonomic design speeds up the vacuuming process since the task is more comfortable to perform. Heavier vacuums that are difficult to navigate make the completion of commercial cleaning difficult.

Cost-effective: the machines are more cost-effective because they allow the user to complete the cleaning task in a shorter time. It lowers the per-unit cost of the task performed.

Backpack vacuums have fewer parts and therefore are inexpensive and easier to maintain.

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