How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Home: A Step by Step Guide

A vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool in any household. The machine can handle a lot of cleaning in the house and even in your car. A vacuum for use in your car is not only limited to being used in your vehicle, but can also be used in the home.

How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Home

For instance, if your machine has broken down or is damaged in a way that needs to be repaired, you can use your car vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning in your house.

In this post we will cover:

  1. Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Home: Step by Step Guide
  2. What features should the best vacuum cleaner for home and car have?
  3. How good are vacuum cleaners?

How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Home

Car Vacuum Cleaner

A car gets dirty because of air pollution and dust, among other factors. A car vacuum cleaner utilizes air suction to clean the interior of the car. It assists in cleaning the areas that are difficult to reach in your vehicle.

Generally, car vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning cars. However, the machines can also be used in the home.

Most of the vacuums are not compatible with sockets or power grid mains in many homes. That is because a difference exists between car vacuums and home vacuums in the way that they are powered and connected.

The vacuum system used in the home is powered by a supply of alternating current (AC). Car vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, are powered by direct current (DC).

For you to be able to use a car vacuum cleaner with the main power supply in the home, you will have to determine how to convert the power source to make it compatible with the machine.

The power source conversion will enable you to use the car vacuum cleaner in your home effortlessly.

Using a Car Vacuum Cleaner in the Home: Step by Step Guide

Make sure that your car vacuum is compatible with the main power supply or socket in your home. Check the body of your cleaner to see the power ratings. The current rating of the home energy supply is ideally 220V from the grid.

Look for a sticker mounted on the vacuum to get the unit’s power rating. The usual rating of a car vacuum cleaner is a 12V DC rating. Once you have determined the power rating, the next step is to find out how much current is needed for the machine to run safely.

Since most car vacuum cleaners consume about 10 amps, the amount of power supply needed is 100W. Therefore, you will have to figure out how to transform a 220V AC supply into a 12V DC supply unit.

The options you have

Use a PSU unit: This is one of the inexpensive ways of powering a car vacuum cleaner because many homes have a PSU desktop unit. The unit will give you about 400W without causing any damage to the vacuum.

For you to make the correct connection, begin by removing the vacuum’s outer casing so that the power section is revealed. Secondly, cut off the connection with the batteries.

Lastly, connect the vacuum’s connection wires to the desktop’s PSU before using an attachable power cord to supply power from the socket.

Once this has been done, ensure that the PSU is mounted in a suitable position, then align it properly with the car vacuum cleaner and the mains to enhance conductivity. The mounting and aligning are done to prevent accidents when you are cleaning with the vacuum.

Device options: If you are using a PSU and you do not want to open the car vacuum cleaner’s outer casing, you can connect the power supply using a cigarette lighter plug.

The vacuum has a cigarette lighter plug and the vacuum will require a power supply of at least 8 amps at 12V.

Look for a socket device with similar power ratings on Amazon and, once you buy it, connect it to a cigarette lighter plug and connect it to the power supply.

Using a two-in-one vacuum: A two-in-one vacuum cleaner saves you from all the hassles related to conversion. Such vacuums have removable technology, which makes them handier and more portable to use.

These are the features to look for in a two-in-one home and car vacuum cleaner:

• A HEPA filter that traps microscopic dust and particles, improving the air in your home.

• Two cleaning modes and an extendable handle so that the machine can be used as a handy cleaner or a traditional vacuum.

• Accessories for car vacuuming and traditional cleaning.

• Connectors that can be used with a car cigarette lighter, which is a car vacuum cleaner’s main power port.

• It should be lightweight enough so that it can be used in the home and car.


A car vacuum cleaner can be used in the home provided that you have converted it to a power rating compatible with that in your home.

You can use the PSU unit on a desktop, a cigarette lighter plug, or a two-in-one vacuum for both your car and home. The compatible power rating is essential for using a car vacuum cleaner in the home.


What features should the best vacuum cleaner for home and car have?

The best vacuum cleaner for your home and car is one that has features that favor the cleaning done in the home and in your car. First, it should have the right power rating and wattage.

A higher number does not necessarily mean that the vacuum is better. The rating and wattage should be compatible for use in both the home and car.

Secondly, the suction power should be strong enough to effectively clean your car and home. A low suction power will not give you the clean you desire in your home and the interior of your car.

Thirdly, the best vacuum for cars and homes comes with accessories that diversify its cleaning capability. You may not need the attachments when you are doing general cleaning, but the additional tools are handy for reaching tricky spots.

Fourthly, if you are interested in a cordless vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the vacuum’s battery life. Smaller batteries will not give you enough time to complete your cleaning on a single charge.

Fifthly, consider the ease of finding replacement parts for the vacuum, such as filters, replacement batteries, and accessories. Some vacuums come without replacement parts, and that can be a challenge when you only need to replace the parts and not the entire vacuum.

How good are vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners have gained more popularity than when they first entered the market. The machines are among the handiest domestic tools used for cleaning.

The units purify the air quality in the home, reducing the risk of allergy breakouts while effectively cleaning your house.

Vacuum cleaners save the energy and time that you would have used cleaning without a vacuum. Where manual cleaning can take hours, a vacuum cleaner will finish the task in minutes because it is fast.

Vacuum cleaners are easy to use because you only need to plug them into a power source or charge them if they are cordless, then let them move on the floor while guiding them to where cleaning is needed.

The machines eliminate pet hair on the surfaces in your home and those deeply embedded in carpets, rugs, and other surfaces. The high suction power of the machines enables them to get rid of bad odors from carpets as well.

Some vacuums, such as robot vacuum cleaners, can do the cleaning in your home, even when you are away. You only need to schedule weekly or daily cleaning and ensure that the vacuum is charged.

Modern vacuums come with advanced features that enhance the vacuums’ cleaning capabilities.