Best Vacuum Under $400 Reddit

The best vacuum under $400 is not difficult to find. The market has various models in this price range capable of handling your cleaning needs. You can elevate your cleaning routine by finding the right vacuum that works on multiple surfaces and has cleaning diversity.

Purchasing a vacuum under $400 does not mean that you are trading quality for a lower price. In fact, it benefits you since there are vacuums below $400 that have unique features and offer quality performance just like the expensive ones.

The best vacuums under $400 have been reviewed below, highlighting the different features each has to offer. We hope that the review will assist you in finding a vacuum under $400 that has the features you are looking for in a vacuum.

4 Best Vacuums Under $400 Reddit

VacuumVacuum TypePower SourceFiltration Surface
1. Dyson Upright Ball Multi Floor 2Upright vacuum cleanerCorded electricWhole-machine HEPA filtrationMulti-surface cleaning
2. Shark NV752 RotatorUpright vacuum cleanerCorded electricHEPA filtration systemMulti-surface cleaning
3. Eufy Boost IQ RoboVac 30CRobot vacuum cleanerBattery poweredTriple filtration systemMulti-surface cleaning
4. Miele Grey Classic C1Canister vacuum cleanerCorded electricAir clean filtration systemHard floors and carpet

Best Vacuum Under $400 Reddit

1. Dyson Upright Ball Multi Floor 2 (Best Pick)

The Dyson vacuum has been engineered to work on all floor types, which is a great investment that is well within your budget at under $400.

It has a continuous flow of power since it is corded and has to be plugged into a power source when in use.

The vacuum’s cleaner head adjusts automatically when you transition from carpet to hard floors and vice versa.

The active base plate of the self-adjusting head raises and lowers automatically, sealing in suction across different surfaces, including carpet, wood, tiled, and vinyl floors.

The unit has a ball technology that makes steering easy since it can direction can change instantly by turning the wrist. The feature makes the vacuum maneuverable around obstacles.

The wand that can be released instantly and the hose that has a long reach diversify the machine’s cleaning capability since they are used to tackle above-floor messes high up and under furniture.

The vacuum’s whole machine HEPA system of filtration helps in creating a healthier and cleaner home because the purifiers capture microscopic particles, sealing them inside the vacuum. More microscopic dust is captured by the unit’s radial root cyclone technology.

The emptying of the bin is hygienic since you only have to push a button to release the dirt without touching it. The vacuum under $400 has a five-year warranty.

Product Information

  • Brand: Dyson.
  • Surface: multi-surface cleaning.
  • Source of power: corded electric.
  • Color: Yellow.
  • Weight 15.6 pounds.


  • Instant release wand.
  • Multi-surface cleaning.
  • Radial root cyclone tech.
  • Cleaner head that self-adjusts.
  • Whole machine filtration.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • The vacuum works poorly on high-pile and plush carpets.


2. Shark NV752 Rotator (Best Vacuum Under $400 for Pets)

The Shark vacuum is designed for pets and works excellently at eliminating pet hair.

The machine easily transitions from hard floors to carpet and vice versa via its fingertip controls.

The power and surface settings are located on the handle.

The vacuum has a complete seal anti-allergen technology, which offers protection from debris and dust.

The HEPA filtration system traps 99.9 percent of microscopic particles, improving the air quality in your home. The filter is washable and does not require frequent replacement.

The machine under $400 easily detaches from a canister and other tools that execute different cleaning tasks on different surfaces.

The lift-away pod detaches for deep cleaning and accesses areas that are difficult to reach while delivering the power that spins the brush roll.

The shark unit has a headlight that enables you to see darker areas and eliminates the possibility of the machine sucking up anything that could damage it. It has a large bin capacity for whole-home cleaning.

The vacuum has a five-year limited warranty. It comes with extra tools, such as a pet power brush to handle embedded dirt and pet hair.

Product Information

  • Brand: Shark Ninja
  • Surface: multi-surface cleaning.
  • Color: Bordeaux finish.
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds.


  • Powerful suction.
  • Tackles animal shedding.
  • Complete seal anti-allergen tech.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • LED lights.


  • Poor location of the extension wand.


3. Eufy Boost IQ RoboVac 30C Max (Best Robot Vacuum Under $400)

The Eufy robot vacuum incorporates everything that you love about robot vacuums.

It has a pair of magnetic boundary strips that keep the device from sensitive areas.

The boundary strips give you worry-free cleaning because they ensure that the vacuum only cleans the area you want.

The vacuum under $400 has an app that is easy to use since you can check the battery, initiate, and customize cleaning schedules from the application.

If you do not own an iPhone, you can still be able to enjoy the benefits of using the robot vacuum since the device can be controlled by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa using Wi-Fi. The machine helps you to carry out your cleaning tasks without lifting a finger.

The robot device has a three-point cleaning system. The strong suction and the three brushes of the machine loosen, extract, and vacuum dirt effectively, giving you a superior clean.

The device has a powerful suction of 1500 pa, giving a spotless clean that can be felt and seen. The large wheels of the device climb over door ledges and roll over carpets, offering you non-stop cleaning.

The vacuum under $400 has Boost IQ technology that allows it to automatically increase power suction within a second and a half whenever extra strength is required for vacuuming to give you the best clean.

The robot cleans quietly for up to 100 minutes without losing suction power at a sound no louder than a microwave.

The device comes with a pair of boundary strips that are 13 feet long, a remote control with batteries included, a cleaning tool, an AC adapter, 5 cable ties, and four side brushes.

Product Information

  • Brand: Eufy.
  • Surface: multi-surface cleaning.
  • Source of power: lithium-ion batteries.
  • Color: black.
  • Weight: 5.9 pounds.


  • Wi-Fi convenience.
  • An affordable smart device.
  • Great performance on picking up dirt.
  • BoostIQ tech.
  • Quite clean.


  • Longer cleaning cycles.
  • It must be connected to Wi-Fi.


4. Miele Grey Classic C1 (Best Lightweight Canister Vacuum Under $400)

Miele vacuums are known for their great features and durability, and the classic C1 is no different.

The classic C1 has a powerful vortex motor system of 1200 watts that enables it to work for an extended time.

The suction setting has six stages for different surfaces that are controlled by a rotary dial.

The vacuum under $400 has an air clean filter and the system of filtration traps odors and gets rid of sub-micrometers left on carpet and upholstery by your furry friends.

The machine’s air-clean dirtbag compliments the filtration system by collecting more particles.

The unit has wheels that swivel 360 degrees, making it easy to operate and maneuver. It is lightweight, weighing one pound.

The telescopic stainless steel wand and hose, together with the 29.5 foot cord, widen the vacuum’s cleaning radius. The features can also be utilized for cleaning surfaces that are above the floor.

The cord of the vacuum automatically rewinds through the unit’s foot pedal for easy storage. It has a seven-year warranty on the casing and motor, but other components have a one-year warranty.

Product Information

  • Brand: Miele.
  • Surface: hard floors and carpet.
  • Color: grey.
  • Wattage: 1200 watts.
  • Weight: 1 pound.


  • Powerful suction.
  • Air clean system.
  • Large cleaning radius.
  • Six different stages of suction setting.
  • Swivel wheels.
  • Telescopic wand.
  • Quiet operation.


  • Maintenance cost of replacing the dirtbag.
  • The cord is a bit short.


5. BISSELL Zing 2154A (Best Budget Vacuum Under $400)

The Bissell Zing is a great vacuum cleaner for carpets and hard floors.

The vacuum under $400 has powerful suction that eliminates dirt from both low and high places on various surfaces.

The suction also works well when cleaning above-floor surfaces. The canister has a cord that is auto-reversible and comes with filters that are washable and reusable.

The machine easily transitions from hard floors to carpets by just flipping a switch on the vacuum. The dirtbag is easy to remove without any hassle or messes while emptying the bagless machine.

The vacuum has pre-motor and post-motor filters and a dust bag for capturing fine particles and dust.

Product Information

  • Brand: Miele.
  • Surface: multi-surface cleaning.
  • Color: purple.
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds.


  • Powerful suction.
  • Versatile.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable design.
  • Automatic cord rewind.
  • Washable and reusable filters.


  • You have to use a rubber band to prevent the attachment from falling.


Final Verdict

The best vacuum cleaner under $400 should be able to meet your cleaning needs and consist of the features you want in a vacuum.

It should be able to tackle cleaning multiple surfaces without any hassle, have a self-adjusting head that enables a smooth transition from carpets to floors, and should be easy to steer and maneuver.

Other essential features include whole machine filtration that traps dust in the vacuum and hygienic emptying of the dirt bin or bag.

Dyson Upright Ball Multi Floor 2



The best vacuum cleaner under $400 is the Dyson Upright Ball Multi Floor 2, which has been designed to work on all types of floors. It boasts a continuous power flow since it is corded and has to be plugged into a power source when being used.

It has whole-machine filtration and radial root cyclone technology to create a healthier and cleaner environment in your home.

The Dyson Upright unit has a ball technology that makes steering easy because it can change direction instantly. The technology makes it maneuverable around obstacles and difficult areas.

The wand and hose of the vacuum diversify the machine’s cleaning capability due to the extended reach they provide.

The machine’s cleaner head automatically adjusts as it transitions to different surfaces. The active base plate of the cleaner head automatically seals in suction across different surfaces.

The emptying of the bin is hygienic since you only have to push a button to release the dirt without touching it.